3 Tips on Choosing a Roofing Company in Marion Illinois

Is your roof leaking or has your insurance company required you to replace your roof? With the wide variety of roofing companies in Southern Illinois, choosing one can be a daunting and time-consuming task. We have compiled the below list of three tips for choosing the best roofing company near you. This list was compiled based on questions we often get from potential clients. 

  1. Make sure your roofing contractor is licensed and insured

It is imperative that your roofing contractor is licensed to operate in your area and that they carry proper and adequate liability coverage. At Home Re-Nu we are happy to provide certificates of insurance to potential clients and anyone you engage should also be willing to provide documented proof of insurance coverage. 

Not only should you view the documentation, but you should call each contractor’s insurance company to confirm the documentation provided is valid. 

  1. Choose a local Southern Illinois Contractor 

Connect with local roofing companies that are dependable and can provide the roofing services you need. Not only does your money go back to a locally owned roofing company, but that company employs the men and women of your community. 

At Home Re-Nu we focus on our local Southern Illinois community and have made a commitment to provide the best service to all of our customers. When you call on your local company they will be there for you because their reputation and future business depend on it. If you choose the national roofing company they may not live up to their promises because their future business does not depend on it. 

  1. Price isn’t everything 

Choosing the lowest price is not always the best decision. However, at Home Re-Nu we do have a price match guarantee. You need to loop back to tip 1 and ensure the company has the proper insurance. There are other determining factors that you need to consider such as;

These three simple tips can give you deeper insight in making the right choice about your roofing contractor. Ensuring your next roof is protecting your family is a priority at Home Re-Nu. If you have any questions about the services we provide or would like to give us the opportunity to price match a competitor’s roofing quote please get in touch. 


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