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The Best People Do the Best Work

Nothing beats talent, skill and experience when it comes to bringing quality and value to a home improvement job. We have those in abundance at Home Re-Nu!

Our team at Home Re-Nu follows our vision of bringing great service at affordable prices. In fact, we have three generations of family members who currently work here that have been raised with our vision. That is a testament to the value we hold about teamwork. Without teamwork, a project would never get done on time, within budget or with fantastic workmanship.

Every employee who works with Home Re-Nu works together to give you the best experience from start to finish. We all have a single goal, to make you happy. We are here for you whether you need remodeling in Carbondale, IL, a window replacement in Herrin, IL or roofing in Marion, IL.

We Set High Expectations, and Deliver on Our Promises

We always do what we say we’ll do at Home Re-Nu. Giving the best customer service experience is at the top of our list, and we will go out of our way to make sure you are happy and the job gets done. We take pride in our professionalism and will always be to the job site on time. We will also be in lettered vehicles so we can be easily spotted. We have very high safety standards and will always be respectful to the homeowners and surroundings which means no loud radios or profanity on the work site.

There is no need to worry about a mess, either. Every site is cleaned at the end of the day so you can go about your life safely without disruption. Our employees are very knowledgeable about the products and services we provide to you.

We are committed to working with you on every phase of a project so that you will end up with the best solutions for your home. If you don’t like one of our ideas, let us know and we will change it to suit your needs. We care about your opinion, after all, it is your home we are working on. Home improvements, such as roofing, can boost energy efficiency, property value and overall curb appeal.

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Lean on Home Re-Nu for roofing, siding, gutters, remodeling and window replacement in Carterville, IL and beyond. We are here for you, so give us a call today at (618) 964-9100.

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