Fall Remodeling Projects for Homeowners

Fall is the perfect time for remodeling because it brings different conditions that can affect your home in very different ways. Of these, the most prominent and deeply affecting would perhaps be the colder temperatures that start to roll in. These projects bear in mind these very specific conditions while simultaneously getting your home ready for the seasons ahead—all of which Home Re-Nu and Exteriors can help you with.

Project 1: Kitchen Upgrades

The kitchen is a popular project for home remodeling in Marion, IL, especially during the fall. One reason is the aforementioned cold—for this, you can go for water-heated tiling. Another reason is the expected volume of cooking that you need to handle when the holiday season comes along. Whether it’s as minor as going for more cabinet or shelf space or as major as changing up your appliances, it’s worth investing in to ensure mealtimes are a great experience.

Project 2: Change Your Windows

Window replacement in Marion, IL is another great idea for the fall. When you get newer energy-efficient windows, you get an economical way to keep your home warm—which can also save you money off your energy bills because you’d rely less on your heating unit. You can also set up windows that allow you to maximize on natural lighting for this season and those to come—a sure way to get relaxed and distressed.

Project 3: Roofing Maintenance & Replacement

Apart from the cold, your home will have to contend with a lot of leaves this season. And those leaves can accumulate and clog your gutter if left untended to—which can cause headaches and a lot of problems down the line. If your roof has been around for a while, getting a replacement can also be a smart investment as modern roofing materials contribute—once more—to energy efficiency.

These are just some of the projects that Home Re-Nu and Exteriors can help you with in time for fall and the winter ahead. Give us a call today and we’ll gladly help you figure out what your home needs the most.