How Do Storms Affect My Roof?

Roofing damage from a storm is one of the most common of roof damages. And, it is by far the most noticeable form of damage. The protective area of your home can be affected by storms in more ways than one. There can be obvious external and visible damage such as missing shingles, frame damage, or leaking. Learn more about storm damaged roofing with this roofing by Home Re-Nu blog.


Rain and Thunderstorm Damage

Rain and Thunderstorm damage can include things like wind damage, hail damage, and water issues on your roof. This could result in missing shingles, fallen debris causing holes or structural damage, leaking roof, and damaged gutters. After every storm, it is important to check on your roof. Any damage to your roof, no matter how small it seems, has the potential to be a huge issue down the road. For example, if you have missing or damaged shingles, this creates an opportunity for the rain to cause water damage. If you think that there could be possible damage or need peace of mind call Home Re-Nu today.


Winter Storm Damage

Summer storms are not the only storms to worry about. Winter storms can be just as bad if not worse for your roof. While looking at the snow atop your roof may be a beautiful sight, snowy roofs can lead to major issues. Snowy roofs can cause heavy ice damage along with extreme weight on the frames of the roof. Deep freezing temperatures cause ice to remain on the roof and hold moisture and cause gutter damage allowing roof line damage. Roofing by Home Re-Nu and our team of professionals can help you take care of any issues that you are facing with winter damage on your roof.

Roofing by Home Re-Nu

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