How to Earn Money Through Roofing Upgrades

Your roofing protects you and your family from many things, and it’s always a very worthwhile thing to invest in. That said, it’s a pretty serious investment that requires very careful consideration. If there is anything that most homeowners would want, it’s to see their roofing investment pay back what they spent for it. Here are two great ways that companies like Home Re-Nu and Exteriors help you ensure that you get something back.

Energy Efficiency is Money Efficiency

Much of what you pay for energy bills every month comes from keeping yourself comfortable through either your air conditioner or heater. But your roofing in Harrisburg, IL also plays a very big part in regulating temperatures. When your roof is old, worn, and damaged, odds are it’s letting your home lose a lot of heat—never a good thing. Metal roofing is particularly effective at addressing this concern since it reflects heat away and keeps things cool. Over time, the savings you get from having to rely less on artificial climate control will add up!

Help Someone Out, Earn Cash

The second way you can earn from a roofing investment is through our Referral Rewards Program here at Home Re-Nu and Exteriors. It’s simple, really. When you’ve reaped the benefits of a smart investment, it’s natural that you’d share the experience with your friends. For every referral on residential roofing in Goreville, IL and nearby areas, we give you a $100 VISA gift card that you can spend wherever you want. That gift card becomes $500 if you make a church referral. Not bad for word of mouth, right?

New roofing brings with it many great benefits—one of which is long-term savings. But with Home Re-Nu and Exteriors, we go the extra mile—providing you a way to earn just by sharing your experience and encouraging others to hire us for their roofing projects. For more information about us and what we have to offer, give us a call at 618-294-8503 (local) or 618-964-9100 (toll-free).