Should You Pay Extra for Premium Shingles?

There is quite a difference between cheap shingles and expensive shingles. Many shingles are cheap because they have been discontinued or only have a leak warranty. If the shingle is discontinued then it will be harder to replace if your roof needs repaired. Shingles also vary in quality from three tab shingles to architectural. If you are purchasing shingles you should know these things about them:

  • Manufacturer’s warranty
  • Length of warranty
  • Warranty details
  • Wind rating

If the shingle is a three tab then that means the wind rating is 60mph. If a storm hits your home and blows off some shingles and the wind was less than 60mph then you are covered. Not ideal for Southern Illinois where tornadoes can be 80mph or up. The GAF Timberline shingle has a wind warranty of 130mph. You must also be sure that your new roofing system is installed correctly. If the roofer does not install the roof according to the manufacturer’s rules then the warranty is not valid. A Master Elite Roofing Contractor installing a Timberline shingle with a 130mph warranty is required to put six nails per shingle instead of the regular 4 nails per shingle. They are also supposed to install starter strips on the rake edges as well as the eave edges of the whole roof. The GAF Wind Warranty also covers the cost of having a roofer come out and fix any broken or fallen off shingles. You can be sure that a GAF Master Elite Contractor will install your new roof correctly because they must qualify for many requirements to earn that title. Only 2% of roofers in the United States are GAF Master Elite Contractors and Home Re-Nu is one of them! 

Another thing to look out for when purchasing shingles is the seal strip. Seal strips are what helps the shingles stick together. You want the seal strip to be super sticky so that no wind can get under the shingles. Cheaper shingles won’t stick as well. Home Re-Nu uses brands like GAF which has a seal strip that is almost impossible to get apart after installation. 

You also want to look at the prorated shingle warranty. If there is a manufacturer’s error on the shingle they will give you a credit to buy the same product again but at a prorated rate. Most manufacturer’s make shingles that prorate after 7-10 years and will only pay pennies on the dollar once it depreciates. GAF offers a 50 years non-prorated warranty that is also transferable. If you sell your house you can make back some of your investment since it is transferable. 

The saying “You get what you pay for” is true when it comes to buying shingles. If you are investing in your home you might as well get what is best on the market. Paying extra money for premium shingles is worth the investment. If you need a local roofer that is a GAF Master Elite Contractor then give Home Re-Nu a call! We offer a free estimate so call right away!