Siding Install And Repair Services

Home Re-Nu has a wide variety of treatments/siding types available including:


Vinyl siding is a strong exterior covering for your home. It is used for both decoration and weatherproofing and can look like imitation wood or cedar.

Vinyl is used in place of materials such as aluminum or fiber cement siding. It is considered an engineered product and is made primarily of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) resin.

Vinyl is the most commonly used home siding in the United States due to its rigorously tested performance and warranty against fading, wind and hail. Royal Siding products are backed by an exclusive hail and color fade warranty as well.


Cedar shingles have long been used for homes on near the ocean, lakes or even on a main street. It is an American tradition that gives a home a beautiful texture as well as protection.

Using vinyl shake, you get the aesthetics and performance of cedar siding, but even more protection. With vinyl shake siding, you get everything; the looks, the weather resistance and low maintenance.  


You can’t get more classic than wood. Wood is nature’s perfect siding material for a reason. Cedar siding has natural oils that resist decay and insects, the smooth grain is durable against the sun and elements, too. Another benefit of wood is that it is 100% natural and surprisingly low maintenance.

Nothing compares to wood when it comes to the combination of durability, stability, beauty and workability.


Versetta stone is inspired by what is around us in the natural world. Using molds and hand-colored iron oxide pigments, it captures the colors and textures found all around the world.

The Versetta Stone palette is very durably and requires no paint, coating or sealers. They are also backed by a limited 50-year warranty. They are also very lightweight, being made from an aggregate material that is about one-fourth the weight of full-thickness stone. The lightweight mechanical fastening system used also allows builders to install Versetta stone without needing a footing for support.

If you want the beauty of stone, without the excess cost or installation time, Versetta stone is the choice for you.


For a traditional and timeless look, look no further than fiber cement. Used in both commercial and residential projects, this composite material is made of cement and reinforced cellulose fibers.

The fiber cement boards can come pre-painted or pre-stained, or done afterwards, giving you the option to customize.

James Hardie lap siding the most popular used in America because of its ability to beautify and protect homes. All styles are engineered for climate and come primed or with a baked-on ColorPlus Technology.


Steel or aluminum siding gives your home or business an elegant style that will last you a lifetime. With traditional lap, Dutch lap, vertical, shake or a combination, you have almost endless options.

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