Signs of Roof Leaks & What You Can Do About It

Leaks are a reliable indicator of the state of health of your roofing. In fact, these can often point to serious problems that need your immediate attention. Home Re-Nu and Exteriors gives you the signs you need to look out for to determine the kind of leak problem your roof has and provides the ways you can best deal with them.

See the signs

Where there’s water, there’s a leak. It seems simple enough, but roofing in Marion, IL, is far more complex and requires a more careful eye. Some signs are subtle, while others are overt. Still, knowing them is critical if you want to care for your roof:

  • Holes in the roof: The most obvious sign of leaks—even without rain—is when you can see through your roof. This is often the result of neglect.
  • Wall water spots: It’s not just through holes in the roof that water can leak through, as it’s common where there’s deterioration along joints or corners in your roofing. This then manifests as water in spots on or rolling down your wall.
  • Brown ceiling stains: These are the most subtle and insidious sign of water leaks. By this point, the water has started to rot the underlying support structures of your roofing. This may indicate bigger problems that you’ll need to address quickly.

Respond properly and timely

As your leading roofing contractor in Marion, IL, we note that the key to mitigating damage from these leaks is to be prompt. Here are the smartest ways to handle roof leaks:

  • Verify with a professional inspection: When you spot these signs, hire Home Re-Nu and Exteriors to look your roof over. We know can present the best solutions, be it a simple repair or an upgrade.
  • Go for repairs/replacements: Once we diagnose the problem, we’ll follow through on a solution. Don’t skimp on expenses because what you might end up spending later on could be far costlier.

Call Home Re-Nu and Exteriors today at (618) 964-9100 and we can arrange a quick look over to make sure that your roof is in the best shape possible.