Window Installation Services

At Home Re-Nu, we offer a wide variety of Energy Star award winning wood, vinyl and aluminum windows from Quaker, Soft-Lite and many other popular brands so you can find what suits your needs.

Quaker or Soft-Lite Vinyl Windows offer a variety of window solutions at a very affordable cost. Our team has the skills and tools needed to help you make the right choice when it comes to window selection.  

If you find yourself remodeling or updating your home, or just replacing a few windows, Home Re-Nu has what you need. Let us help you find your best solution.

What to Expect from A Window Replacement Consultation

Upon arrival we will ask you some pre-qualifying questions to help us understand what problems you may have. We will be thorough so we can give you the best solutions for any problem.

After we ask some questions, we will go over pricing and options that relate to what you choose. We will also go over the installation process, lead time, how the window will be installed and more.


How should I prepare the consultation?

It helps us out if you have some pictures of what you may want. Be prepared to answer a few questions, too.

Will I need to visit a showroom?

No you will not. We try and bring the samples and stains to you so you can see it in your home. We do this to save you time. If you’d still like to come to our showroom, you are more than welcome to.

How much do windows usually cost?

With so many factors that go in to getting a new window, it is too difficult to give a general price. Once our team inspects the job site, we will be able to give you a precise estimate.

How can I pay for my windows?

You are able to pay by cash, check or through special financing options we have.

How long does the replacement process take?

Once a contract is signed and a down payment is made, Our foreman will come out to take final measurements and then the windows are ordered. After an order is made, it will take between a month or two for us to receive them from the factory. From there, we will schedule an installation date that is up to you and the weather.

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Picture Windows

Picture windows do not open, which makes them more energy efficient. Usually these types of windows are used in combinations to get the best view possible. Picture windows are available in most shapes and sizes, so you can let your creativity flow in to your home.

Casement Windows

If you want a clear view to the outdoors, a casement window may be what you need. Casement windows swing outwards on an easy to open and close hinge. They are a great option for hard to reach places, such as over a sink.

Single-Hung Windows

The simplicity of a picture window, with the ability to breathe is what you get with a single-hung window. Single-hung windows slide up and down allowing ventilation, unlike picture windows. These are typically one of the most economic window options.

Double-Hung Windows

Much like a single-hung window, a double-hung has the clean look of a picture window, but double the ventilation as a single-hung. Double-hung windows can open the top, bottom or both sashes. They are also very easy to clean and come in many sizes and colors.

Sliding Windows

Crank-style windows can be a pain, that’s why many people choose horizontal slider windows. They open from left to right without protruding and are super easy to open. These windows are a great choice for rooms facing a walkway, porches or patios. Others enjoy these windows for their contemporary homes or as a bedroom egress. Horizontal sliders come in both single and double sashes.

Awning Windows

Do you want to let fresh air in, even on a rainy day? Awning windows provide the ability to let ventilation circulate no matter the weather since they open outwards. Often, awning windows are used in combination with other window styles. Other times, they are placed up high to provide privacy. They work well for both since they are very easy to open and close.

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