1 Day Roof Installation

1 Day Roof Installation

The tear-off and replacement on almost any roof installation job takes just 1 day with Home Re-Nu. Best part: No mess left behind.

When you finally decide it is time for a new roof or roof repair, you likely want your roof installation to take place as fast as possible. Sitting at home after a long day at work while a crew is hammering away is not how you want to spend an evening, let alone a few days of it. Our 1 day roof installation assurance is that your 25 square or less roof will be done the same day we start. Your roof installation will be water tight and your home will be back to normal before you know it.

Please note that the roof installation process on larger homes can take longer and can be anywhere from 2-3 days, which is still 3-5 days faster than our competition.

Why Don’t You Guarantee your 1 Day Roof Installation?

It is always our goal to get every roof installation done in one day, but there are sometimes complications that occur. To put it simply, life happens.

Here are some hidden challenges that could cause a roof installation project to last longer than a day:


  • Weather – Mother nature can change her mind very quickly!
  • Multiple layers of roofing shingles to remove
  • Issues with flashing
  • Rotted roof decking needing to be replaced that couldn’t be seen until the old shingles were removed.



  • Less stress for your pets
  • Easier on your pockets- Our efficient methods keep our prices low, even with a large crew. Cutting down on travel and a possible second or third day saves a lot of money.
  • Cleaner property – No one wants to see waste, dumpsters, equipment and materials left on your property for days.
  • Don’t miss work – a one day roof installation job is usually done by the time you get back from work.


Our roofers are professionals who know how to do their job, work as a team and install specific products to the manufacturer guidelines. Our experience means your roof will be done professionally and stand the test of time. If you want the best roofing contractor in town, call Home Re-Nu.


Each customer is given an on-site project manager who oversees the entire roof installation process, photo documents their inspection and keeps in contact with you. Even though we move fast, quality is never sacrificed. After construction, we do a final walkthrough around the property with you to make sure you are pleased. After all, customer satisfaction is our number one priority.


Home Re-Nu offers the strongest and best materials and strongest warranties, backed by GAF, the nation’s largest and oldest roofing shingle manufacturer.  

If you want superior workmanship, completed in a timely manner, with only the highest quality materials, contact us at Home Re-Nu to schedule your roof inspection!


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