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Talk to the roofing experts at Home Re-Nu in Southern Illinois to get a free roof quote.  Our team of professional roofing specialists knows how frustrating and stressful it can be to face hidden fees or charges, and we understand that there are many things that can cause you anxiety about starting your project. Home Re-Nu values your time and is here to help get your project started as soon as possible. Because of this, we offer free quotes and roofing inspections to everyone in our community. It doesn’t matter if you need or new roof or repairs to your current one. The Home Re-Nu team provides you this quality service without the cost.

Why Offer Free Quotes?

So many home improvement companies only offer quotes as an additional form of revenue just in case they can’t secure the final sale. But, Home Re-Nu is different. We want your business, not your money. Our mission is to help our customers and community protect what matters most. By making getting the best service easy, offering high-quality products, and the lowest prices in the industry, we are able to do this.

Your business is greatly valued at Home Re-Nu, so you can trust that we will do our best work, every time. We are here to be your partner when you need us most. Whether you need roof repairs or a roof replacement, among other things, Home Re-Nu and our team of roofing contractors will be there for you!

“Our mission is to help our customers protect what matters most by serving with character and purpose that brings honor to God”

Ready to get your project underway? We are ready to help you protect what matters most. We offer a full line of roofing services, including roof replacement, roof installation, and roof repair for just everyday wear and tear and storm-related damage. Contact Home Re-Nu for your free roof quote or inspection. We can be reached by calling 618-964-9100. Call us today to learn more or find us on Facebook!

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