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Having to think about all the options when it comes to home improvement can get confusing, and fast. When you choose Home Re-Nu for your needs, you can rest easy that the whole process will the explained beforehand. We will answer any questions you have about our services, but here is a quick list

Not a lot, in fact, marble sized hail can cause a lot of damage if it falls fast and hard enough.

When you have home insurance, your policy has replacement cost written in to them. An old roof is just as insured as a new one.

Once you get your claim approved, the insurance company will issue a payment to you and your mortgage company if you are still making payments. We will accept the initial insurance payment as the deposit so we can start on repairs as soon as possible. Then, we will send the rest of the bill to your insurance company for the rest. Unless you want upgrades, you will only pay for the deductible.

Not at all. As a professional independent insurance restoration contractor, we will give you professional estimating and a damage inspection free of charge. All we ask is that you allow us to make the most repairs for the amount the insurance company agrees on. Really, it is simple. The better job we do when it comes to damage inspection and the resulting insurance estimate, the bigger and better repair job we can do.

Nope, an insurance scam would be if a person damages their property on purpose. Things like arson is what would be considered a scam. We will not help you if we find you purposely damaged your property.

We have never seen a policy cancelled due to storm damage claims. If you have a “no claims” discount, it could be disallowed.

We Make Roof Repair Simple for You

Let us handle the hard work of claim adjustments and inspections. We will keep you up to date through the whole process and we will process and document all claims. To ask more questions on roofing in Marion IL, give us a call at (618) 964-9100 today!


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