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If you have suffered from storm damage, you want a roof repair as soon as possible, but you also want it done right. Our roof contractors are ready for your call, day or night.

It could be hail, wind, ice or falling trees, we will be here to give you a thorough, professional inspection of your roof and put together all the information you need to file a claim. We will help with some of the stress associated to the claims process.

Home Re-Nu is here to serve you and give you the best customer service as we work with you on doing everything needed to get you through the insurance process and getting your needed roof repairs.

Our roofers take their job seriously. We want to get your property back to normal and we have your best interests in mind when we negotiate with insurance adjusters to help settle your claim as quickly as possible.

There are multiple steps to this process

If you sustain damage from a storm, we will work diligently to get your claim approved and get the damage repaired so you can go back to your normal, daily life.

Our trained Home Re-Nu representative will help assist you through every phase of the insurance claims process:

  • A comprehensive home inspection of your roof and exterior.
  • Video inspection and evaluation of storm damage to your property.
  • Reach out to your insurance provider and review your current insurance policy.
  • Explain insurance lingo used in your policy regarding storm damage versus normal wear and tear to your roof to you.
  • Give assistance with providing detailed measurements, color matches, photos and other information to the insurance company.
  • Assistance with the appeal process if your claim was to be denied.
  • Assistance with ensuring that you receive your final payment from the insurance provider.
  • Repair the damaged property.

What Makes Home Re-Nu Uniquely qualified to help?

Our team is highly trained on how to know insurance estimates as well as building relationships with your insurance agents and adjusters. Our hard work has built and maintained a good working relationship with local adjusters. Our team will meet with the adjuster at your home to go over the claim. We aim to cover all the bases so that you get what you need in a timely and professional manner so that you can get your roof installation done fast and easy. We will get it done faster than other local roofing companies.

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Do you Feel Like you had a Claim Unfairly Denied?

Did you get denied on your insurance claim, or just not get enough to cover the cost? If you are unhappy, we can help. We have years of experience pursuing insurance recovery dollars is in depth and assures you the best result in the least amount of time. Every customer is entitled to a re-inspection from their insurance company.


Every year, storms happen all over the midwest. Usually these storms happen in spring and fall. With all these storms, when is it a good time to schedule a free roof inspection? If a storm produces hailstones larger than 1 inch, then is a good time. The same is true for a storm whose wind speed goes over 50 mph, especially if there is also rain. Limbs that have broken and fallen from trees, or winds over 70 mph can absolutely destroy a roof and you would need immediate action. For these predicaments, we will work with your insurance company to get you a quick and fair solution.

Concerns Caused by Hail

Hail damage can be hard to find, especially from the ground. Hail storms can cause you to lose granule on your shingles which shortens the life expectancy of your roof as well as voids manufacturer’s warranties.

Hail damage may also dent gutters and air-conditioning units. Look for wet spots on your ceiling, dents in your car or cracks in your windows. These are all signs of hail damage which means you likely have damage to your roof. When you notice any of these signs, it is time to call Home Re-Nu for a free video inspection + 3 year forensic weather report on your property.

Wind Damage Concerns

Wind can easily lift your shingles off and cause roof damage. Older shingles or discontinued shingles are usually easy to break and will fall apart easily. If your shingles were poorly installed, they are also at risk for damage.


Insurance claim deadlines can vary, but they typically have a limited timeframe. Contact your agent to find out when you need to have your claim in by.

We will represent you through the entire process. Filing a claim can be difficult, confusing and overwhelming, but our insurance claim specialist will guide you and persist until the insurance company has all the needed information for your claim.

We will provide you all the needed information, give you an explanation of the processes and help you understand your rights when it comes to insurance claims.


Your first thought after a storm damages your home may be, “Great, now my premiums are going to raise.” The reality is that your insurance won’t completely blame you for your increased rates. They are not prohibited from raising rates for everyone in the area, though. If your property sustains damage and a claim is not filed, you will more than likely end up paying more after the insurance company raised the price to cover the other repairs in your area.

Getting a quote from an independent roofing repair company ensures that all aspects of the job run smoothly. Our staff will work with you while we navigate the process so everyone gets what is needed to get the job completed in a timely fashion and with integrity.


You might think it is a good idea to try and repair your leaking or damaged roof yourself. If you plan on filing a claim, this is not the best idea. If you are in a newer home and are covered by builders warranties, you may think you are covered, but many times these warranties do not cover storm damage.

An experienced professional who is completing the repairs on your damaged roof will help walk you through the insurance claim process and maintain the resale value of your home. After a storm, many people will act like professionals to try and fix your roof. Beware of door-to-door roof repair “specialist”.

Be sure when these people come to your home to do plenty of research. Spend time and check the company to ensure that they have as good of a reputation and training as we do. Also, be sure they are insured and licensed to do the work needed to be done.

Training Makes All the Difference

Experience and knowledgeable inspectors take your entire roof into consideration when evaluating damage to determine whether significant repairs are needed. Our qualified inspectors go through a tough training so they can detect hard to spot damage that could compromise your home’s safety. We also work really hard not to encourage unnecessary claims which waste both you and the adjustors time.

Specialized Knowledge is Paramount

We always connect you with one of our highly trained, qualified and knowledgeable representative who will be focused on not just inspecting, but also helping guide you through your insurance claim process. Your representative will know your claim deadline and any other relevant information needed to get a successful resolution.

Do not go for the first contractor you see to fix your damage. Your roof is vital when it comes to protecting your family. Only trust a reputable, certified professional with such an important job.


If you have trouble with insurance denying your claim, or you need a second opinion on the work someone else has done, Home Re-Nu can help. If you reach out as soon as damage happens, we can get an inspection done prior to the insurance company. We will always do our best to help you repair your home in a timely fashion so you can get back to a regular life.

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