At Home-Re Nu we truly understand your time is valuable. As a result, that is why when you make an appointment with us for a roof repair, we will show up on time every time. Our policy states that we are:

On Time! Every Time! GUARANTEED

On-Time-Every-Time is our promise that we will be on time for your estimate because we understand how frustrating it is to set time out of your day for a business, who should be professional, to not show up. We believe that it is one of the rudest things a person can do to not show up to an appointment because it shows that they do not honor or value the other person’s time.

At Home Re-Nu, we will never intentionally waste your time or treat it without the respect it rightfully deserves. Therefore, we WILL keep a scheduled appointment.

Home Re-Nu promises to be on time, every time and that’s what makes us the best roofing company in Southern Illinois. If you need a roof repair or roof installation then make sure you get a roofer who values your time.

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