Our Guarantee

Did one of our competitors give you a roofing estimate? Show your estimate to the team at Home Re-Nu and we’ll beat it. We hold the belief that amazing customer service, partnered with the best products installed by certified craftsmen and strong warranties, will make the roofing industry better. However, it is important to remember that none of this comes cheap. We can’t beat the “Chuck in a Truck Roofing Company with tail light warranties” that expire as soon as the taillights fade into the distance. But, we are eager to gain your business by providing incredible values that other companies can’t offer for your investment.

Home Re-Nu’s price match guarantee is simple. As long as we are talking apples to apples, we’ll beat or match the residential roofing quote that you receive from another licensed Master Elite Contractor who is an accredited BBB member business prior to the approved proposal. In other words, if your quote from our competitor is comparable in more terms than just the shingles used, we’ll beat or match it. Our competitor’s quote must also be similar in terms of the warranty offered, installation, GAF products, etc. Home Re-Nu will not try to save money or get your business by sacrificing the roofing quality that you deserve. As a result, we do not use products that are considered generic or sub-standard, even though this is a standard practice in many other roofing companies. Because we want your roof to stand the test of time and last as long as possible, we only use top-of-the-line products.

What Our Price Match Guarantee is Not

Our price match guarantee is not a marketing scheme meant to attract more business while we lower the quality of our products. Instead, our price match guarantee is a tool to help you. It is our way to offer you a quality service at a rate that is competitive. We gladly will glance through a competitor’s roofing quote to see what corners they are cutting and advise homeowners accordingly. At Home Re-Nu, we believe that knowledge and education are crucial to providing great customer service.

We Don't Cut Corners

While many companies cut corners to save money, Integrity does not. Here are some common places other roofing companies cut corners:

  • Flashing Installation: Water will not shed off the roof correctly if flashing is not installed.
  • Ridge Cap:  Using 3-Tab shingles on an Architectural Shingle Roof is another way to cut corners and void a manufacturer’s lifetime warranty.
  • Ice Shield Installation: Water can leak through the roof deck if ice shield is not installed in the correct places.
  • Ventilation Use:  Ventilation is ignored by many roofers which is a vital mistake that automatically voids the warranty.
  • Felt: Synthetic Felt products like Felt Buster, installed with cap nails, are essential to keeping moisture off of the deck of a roof.
  • Sealant Use: Sealant is essential to help prevent leaks on all the detailed work on the roof.
  • Warranties: As a GAF Master Elite® contractor Integrity Roofing can provide the best manufacturer’s warranties from America’s #1 shingle maker.

Avoid the "Rotten Apples"

There are a few types of companies to look out for when you are receiving a roofing estimate for your new roof.

  • The Under Cutter: These companies undercut by operating with no proof of license, general liability insurance, or workman’s comp. insurance.
  • The Low Bidder: These are the companies whose quotes seem too good to be true, usually because they are. Look at the contract details of your roofing estimate to see what is (or isn’t) included, such as proof of license or insurances, only listing shingles and labor on the estimate, not listing exact product names, and more.
  • The Big Talker: These companies think highly of themselves and don’t utilize the opportunity to work with manufacturers to become recognized as experienced roofers. It is important to be on the lookout for certain language when looking at an estimate from one of these companies. Phrases such as “some exclusions apply” and “see dealer for complete details” can be red flags.

“Our mission is to help our customers protect what matters most by serving with character and purpose that brings honor to God”

Ready to choose a company that will help you protect what matters most? Home Re-Nu offers the strongest warranties, mess-free roof repair and replacement, and free quotes and inspections. Contact us today to learn more!

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